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Sunshine in das Rheinland

Icon Written by Fred Hart on May 16, 2017 – 7:40 am

Taking the scenic route, not going on the Autobahn, would take longer – but more rewarding in terms of what I would be able to see from the car as the route followed the river valley the entire way.

First Time on the German Autobahn

Icon Written by Fred Hart on May 14, 2017 – 9:43 pm

It took a while before it finally clicked that I was on the Autobahn, in an unrestricted section. What on earth was I doing trundling along at 120km/h – the speed limit of the Dutch A76!? I put my foot down and slowly increased the speed.


Icon Written by Fred Hart on May 14, 2017 – 6:40 pm

A view along the Rhine looking towards the centre of Boppard.