Heute sind wir mit dem Bus von Itzehoe nach Lüneburg gefahren. Ich habe die Weihnachtsmärkte und das Salzmuseum gesehen.

Today after breakfast we took the coach from Itzehoe to Lüneburg. At approx. 50km South of Hamburg it took about 90 minutes to get there this morning.

There were lots of people and many buses in the town – it is very popular! This weekend there was the Historischer Christmarkt – the medieval Christmas Market, in the area surrounding the St. Michaeliskirche a short distance from the centre.

We then walked to the main square for the Weihnachtsmarkt am Rathaus (next to the town hall). I used this as an opportunity for some lunch (Currywurst) and something to drink (hot chocolate), plus a visit to the book shop to keep warm!

Then we all had a group tour of the town hall, which was very interesting but it was like standing in a fridge. The older parts of the building don’t have central heating. After the tour we walked to the Salzmuseum (Salt Museum) – there used to be a big saltworks here. Who’d have thought salt would be so interesting. Maybe I might pay attention to where the salt on my dinner comes from now.

We rounded off the evening with dinner at a Croatian restaurant in the town, I enjoyed a very big steak with jacket potato and bread. No room for pudding. Then it was back on to the coach for the journey back to Itzehoe which didn’t seem to take as long as the journey this morning – perhaps because I slept most of the way, digesting that dinner.

Gute Nacht.


Fred Hart

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