Day Trip to Bremerhaven

Heute sind wir mit dem Auto nach Bremerhaven gefahren. Am Abend haben wir im griechischen Restaurant in Itzehoe gegessen.

This morning after breakfast we got in the car and drove to the city of Bremerhaven, on the North Sea coast. The route goes via Glückstadt, over the river Elbe by ferry to Wischhaven, and then through Lower Saxony until Bremerhaven (actually part of the State of Bremen).

We visited the Klimahaus which is a museum in which each different section is a different continent, different climate. The journey through the museum starts in Bremerhaven and follows longitude 8° 34’ E going all round the globe. One room is Switzerland, one room is Sardinia, there’s also Niger, Samoa, the Antarctic, Alaska, Cameroon…

Afterwards we walked through the Weihnachtsmarkt in Bremerhaven – but as it was raining it wasn’t so good, so we got in the car to drive back to Itzehoe.

As tonight is my last night in Itzehoe, on return we went to the town’s Greek restaurant, Rhodos, where I enjoyed my favourite: Souvlaki.

Tomorrow I will rejoin the main group as we go to Hamburg for the day, before I return to Britain by plane – departure from Hamburg at 6pm.

Bis Morgen,


Fred Hart

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