I decided in the Summer that I will, over the course of the next few years, travel to every one of the German Bundesländer (States). What a better place to start than with the city state – and capital of Germany – Berlin.

My itinerary includes the following:

  • Drive down to Gatwick on Thursday evening and stay in a hotel near the Airport overnight. Fly from Gatwick to Berlin very early on Friday morning.
  • Spend Friday exploring Berlin – finding the nearest shops, restaurants etc.
  • Visit one of Berlin’s 60+ Christmas markets, many of which will be open by the time of my trip.
  • Tour of the Reichstag building – home to the German Parliament (Bundestag) – including a visit to the dome.
  • Visit to and tour of the rbb (Rundfunk Berlin-Brandenburg) Haus des Rundfunks (Broadcasting House) studios.
  • Go to the theatre just off Potsdamer Platz to see ‘Hinterm Horizont: Das Berlin Musical’.
  • Visit to the DDR Museum, Stasi Museum, and to Checkpoint Charlie.

It should be a good trip and I shall be taking photos and posting to my blog while I am out there.