Day 5: No Driving Today!

Over the weekend I can enjoy not having to do any driving. A well earned rest. I’m in shorts again today as the temperature climbs to 30 degrees. No wind, no clouds. Too hot when it’s like this!

After breakfast with my hosts Barbara & Albrecht, I spent the morning with the Itzehoe Twinning Association helping them to set up their stall at the Weinfest (Wine Festival).

Richard (the other Cirencester guest here this year) and I helped put up the tables and chairs in the tent, and put the table cloths on the tables. After that we did a lot of sitting down and talking about Itzehoe and our previous visits to the town while the Germans worked hard, telling us to “sit down, you are the guests”.

We stopped briefly for lunch – Uwe had gone to get takeaway pizzas for all! Once all the work was complete I was driven back to the house and I had my second lunch of the day – pasta this time (that’s all the Italian bases covered) – and then an afternoon siesta.

4pm saw the official opening of the Weinfest, with live music on the stage – some traditional German shanty songs (my favourite being “An der Nordseeküste” – listen here…not quite the same version, but it gives you an idea) – and a speech from the Mayor and Town Clerk. I was sitting in the VIP area with my German hosts along with Richard, Cirencester’s only other guest in Itzehoe this year, and a couple from Malchin (Itzehoe’s twin in East Germany) who I have met on several occasions before.

I didn’t stay at the Weinfest too late – once day turns in to evening it gets louder and the music not so good. (I like the German shanty songs, not too keen on the loud rock music).

After a second siesta I got up once the temperatures started to cool down – just in time for an evening meal at the house, sausages on the BBQ with potato salad. Very tasty! We sat on the terrace for hours chatting, and for a short while even had the TV outside with the football on (although I have no interest in football at all).

At 22:30 I decided I’d make my way to bed. Tomorrow a day trip with Renate, Uwe and Richard. There was talk of going to the Nolde Museum near Seebüll, but that could change. I’ll just go with the flow and do whatever they want to do!

Gute Nacht.