Day 6: Seebüll and Tondern

Today I went on a day trip with Renate, Uwe and Richard. We went as far North in Germany as you can go.

It took a good 2 hours to get there – travelling on the main non-motorway road which goes from North to South between Denmark and Germany.

After lunch, our first stop was at the Emil Nolde Museum near Seebüll. Nolde is an artist who lived in this region of Germany during the war, and the museum is located on the site of the house he built himself, complete with the garden he designed.

His paintings are quite abstract, lots of paintings of plants, and he uses some very vivid colours – no light pastels here!

Then it was back in the car for the short hop over to Denmark. Passports at the ready – just in case there is police control. There was no border control today – but they are getting quite strict at the border these days, because of the refugee situation. Must remember that for when I go to Norway, as I too will be driving over the German-Danish border in July.

Once in Denmark we stopped at the small tourist town of Tondern (Tønder  in Danish). On a Sunday it was very quiet but it is a very popular town. We had a walk about in the afternoon Sun, and a chance to buy a souvenir.

Then, back to the car and the drive back to Itzehoe – we got back at about 17:15.

During the evening the others came to our place for dinner – a fantastic meal of sausages and other cuts of meat on the BBQ with potato salad, sauce, brad etc.

It’s my last night in Itzehoe tonight. I’ve got a good 400km to drive tomorrow, to get to Erfurt – maybe that’ll take 5/6/7 hours? I don’t know – depends on traffic.

For the rest of the week: On Tuesday I’m off to Cochem in the Rheinland. Then On Wednesday it’s back towards Cirencester, stopping briefly for a few hours in Calais. I do have a hotel room booked, I hope to get to Calais by 6pm which should give me 7/8 hours rest, but it will essentially be a 2-day long drive to work, arriving just in time for an 08:00 start on Thursday morning.

Gute Nacht,