This weekend I made the Eurotunnel reservation as it is now only 4 weeks until the start of my 2017 German Road Trip.

After several test runs – driving to Belgium and to the Netherlands – I really am going long distance now and I hope this will be the start of many years of motoring around Germany, trying to visit as many areas as possible.

For 9 days in May, I will be visiting the German Rheinland, going to some of the places I went to on my first visit to Germany 11 years ago as well as many new places.

My brief itinerary is as follows:

  • Day 1 Fairford to Bruges* Leaving from work at 17:00, I’ll head straight to the Channel Tunnel. Aiming to get to check-in between 20:30 and 21:00, for a 22:20 train which will get me in to Calais for 23:55 (local time). Should be arriving in Bruges by 01:30 Saturday morning.
  • Day 2 Bruges to Genk in Belgian Limburg, via Meise Botanical Garden near Brussels.
  • Day 3 Genk to Boppard via Brühl – Augustusberg & Falkenlust Palaces.
  • Day 4 Day trips to Koblenz / Cochem.
  • Day 5 Boppard to Mainz via Rüdesheim – car ferry across the river
  • Day 6 Day trip to Hockenheim F1 Race Track in nearby Baden-Württemberg. Might pop over to the Bavarian border on the way back (even if it is a massive detour)!
  • Day 7 Mainz to Trier via Bernkastel
  • Day 8 Trier to Aachen detouring via Schengen, Luxembourg City, 3-Border Point (BE, DE, LUX)
  • Day 9 Aachen to Ypres via 3-Border Point (BE, DE, NL) and Maastricht
  • Day 10 Ypres to Cirencester

I will be running this blog during my trip and hopefully there’ll be plenty of photos for you to enjoy.


*Itinerary revised 06/05/2017.