This leg of the trip took me through the Netherlands to the closest part of Germany to the UK: The start of the Autobahn A4 near Aachen. I stopped at the Schloss Falkenlust, just outside Brühl in NRW.


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00:00:00 LIMBURG: Departure from Hoge Kempen National Park
00:06:24 Autosnelweg A2

00:15:00 LIMBURG: Rijksweg A76
00:29:24 Pit stop for refuelling
00:30:19 Rejoining the A76

00:30:45 NORDRHEIN-WESTFALEN: Autobahn A4
00:44:30 The Autobahn in action: Look at the speed he overtook me!
00:54:15 Autobahn A61
01:04:30 Autobahn A553
01:13:45 Bundesstraße B51
01:16:30 Brühl
01:21:27 Arrival at Schloss Falkenlust