After driving up to the Loreley viewpoint, I drive back towards the border with Hessen and on to the state capital Wiesbaden. This was my first time driving in to a big German city – scary at times but I made it!


Scroll through the video to get to the following:

00:00:00 RHEINLAND-PFALZ: Departure from the Lorelei
00:01:41 Driving down the mountain…
00:04:22 Sankt Goarshausen
00:05:54 B42
00:13:12 Kaub
00:16:39 HESSEN
00:17:47 Lorch
00:26:34 Assmannshausen
00:32:17 Rüdesheim
00:56:43 Autobahn A66
01:02:49 B455
01:04:27 Rush hour traffic starts to build…
01:10:55 Landeshauptstadt Wiesbaden
01:11:15 Entering the ‘Umweltzone’
01:15:50 Arrival at Hotel zum Schnackel