Day 4: Pottering About In the Rheinland

Before I went to bed on Sunday night there was a tremendous thunder storm. It tipped it down with rain, there was lightening and loud thunder. The road almost resembled a small stream! The storm passed within 15 minutes and then the skies cleared.

I woke up extremely early yesterday morning – before 5am. Not entirely sure why  – so I got my Amazon Fire out and read for a bit. Before I knew it, it was daylight, people were out walking their dogs, cars moving about outside.

After breakfast I got in the car. It would be an easier day after several days of long distance driving. I would not go on the Autobahn, but would instead stick to the ‘Bundesstraßen’ – the German equivilant of our ‘A’ roads.

My first destination was Koblenz, about 22km North of Boppard. I parked right in the centre, and put 3 hours on the parking ticket. I went for a walk around the city, stopping to take photos of the Deutsche Eck, the point at which the Rhein river meets the Mosel river.

After a walk around the Altstadt I went to get a ticket for the Seilbahn – the cable car – and the fortress. About €13 for a combiticket. There were fantastic views over Koblenz from the cable car! I went in to the fortress and explored that. The café at the top had more excellent views over Koblenz.

By this stage in the day it was clear that it was a mistake for me to: a) take my jumper with me when I left the car; and b) not put shorts on in the morning. It was turning out to be a very warm day.

With just half an hour left on the parking, I made my way back to the cable car and got back to the correct side of the river. My second destination for the day was to the town of Cochem, along the Mosel valley.

Taking the scenic route, not going on the Autobahn, would take longer – but more rewarding in terms of what I would be able to see from the car as the route followed the river valley the entire way.

I was able to park right in the centre of Cochem, although the car park was limited to a maximum of 2 hours (Ideally I’d have wanted to park for 3 – but I just about squeezed everything in fine, so no problem).

There was the inevitable walk about plus photo stop. I found a restaurant with a view of the river, and had Currywurst mit Pommes for lunch: very enjoyable… My favourite German snack!

I did a little bit of shopping after lunch, and then I walked up to the castle after lunch. I didn’t go in as time was getting on, but I got some good photos of the outside and of the view back down to Cochem.

Back in the town and with just a few minutes to spare before my parking ran out, I went in to an Eiscafé for a cold drink.

On returning to the car, I set my sat nav for Boppard, avoiding the Autobahn, and drove the slower, more mountainous route back to the hotel – an hour later and I was back in Boppard.

For the evening, I switched in to shorts and headed in to the town. I picked one of the restaurants on the river front and had my evening meal as the sun set over Boppard.

Today I will be leaving Boppard, and heading on down to Mainz which is the state capital of Rheinland-Pfalz. I will be going via Rüdesheim which I will get to on the ferry from Bingen – this will take me in to the third German state of this trip: The town lies in Hessen. From there I’ll also drive up to the Lorelei.

Time to have breakfast and then I’ll be on my way.


Today’s Mileage: 74 Miles
Accumulative Mileage: 606 Miles