Day 7: Mainz to Trier

Thursday was a cooler day, not wall-to-wall sunshine and a few spots of rain here and there.

After breakfast I checked out of the hotel, left my car in the car park and walked in to Mainz City Centre, to visit the cathedral, and to buy some postcards.

When I returned to the car I set the sat nav for my first destination: Bernkastel – on the banks of the Mosel. The route there from my hotel took my straight through the centre of Mainz: Driving in the city centre wasn’t as scary as it sounds.

Bernkastel was a great place to visit. It has lots of interesting buildings and narrow cobbled pedestrianised streets in the centre.

I had lunch in Bernkastel, had a bit of a walkabout and then sat in an Eiscafé reading my book for a bit.

The Sun disappeared and was soon replaced by dark clouds. This was my queue to make a move. I returned to the car and set the sat nav for Trier, which would be the overnight stop for my penultimate night in Germany.

When I arrived in Trier, I checked in to the hotel, the receptionist gave me a map, some guidebooks and the bus timetable to get in to the city centre.

I chose to walk in to the city centre – about a 25 minute walk – and ate at the Ratskeller restaurant in the main square, before making the return journey to the hotel.

Friday will be my penultimate night in Germany (I’m staying in Aachen Friday night, before heading off to Ypres on Sunday returning to the UK on Sunday afternoon). While I’m writing this, its raining outside! Before I go up to Aachen, I’m taking a detour in to Schengen, in nearby Luxembourg. I may also call in at Luxembourg City on the way up North.

Breakfast time now, I’m in need of food!


Today’s Mileage: 102 Miles
Accumulative Miles: 1047.5 Miles