While I am in Germany I will be staying in cities where an “Umweltplakette” is required for my car.

The green sticker (shown above) which is displayed in my windscreen is an emmisions sticker which shows that my car complies with European emissions regulations. It is valid for the life of the car and means that I can drive in to Germany’s “Umwelt Zones” – many larger German cities have them, as well as an increasing number of smaller ones.

Getting hold of one isn’t difficult. I bought mine online for €15 through the TÜV Süd website, which included the cost of postage to the UK. All I needed to do was scan in a copy of my car registration document, and fill in some basic information (name, address, etc.).TÜV is Germany’s “Technical Inspection Association”.

The sticker turned up in the post well before Christmas so although I have yet to actually enter Germany by car, the sticker has been on display for several months!

You can also buy the emissions stickers from any TÜV service centre in Germany.