The great thing about booking on a hotels on the basis of free cancelation, pay on arrival, etc. is I can revise my plans at any time.

I’ve now decided that I will not stop in Sevenoaks on Friday night before crossing the Channel on Saturday morning. My new plan is to continue straight through the tunnel on Friday night, making Bruges my first overnight stop.

It will mean a longer drive on Friday night, but leaving Gloucestershire at 17:00 I should get to the tunnel in plenty of time for a 22:20 train departure, which would get me to Calais for 23:55 French time, hopefully getting in to Bruges by 01:30ish.

The advantage of all this is that I won’t have to get up early on Saturday – and it will knock several hours off the journey time when it comes to driving on to Genk on Saturday afternoon.

Plus, I get to visit the city of Bruges… What can possibly go wrong!??


*Stock photo of Bruges.