On the hottest afternoon of the year for Germany so far, I spent 2 hours in the car driving from Hockenheim in Baden-Württemberg to Lohr a.Main in North West Bavaria.

Travelling on some of Germany’s busiest Autobahns, passing within just a few km of Frankfurt – of the largest cities (the 5th largest) in Germany – I spent a lot of time sitting behind numerous HGVs but the drive was worth it as the B roads in Bavaria once I left the motorway were amazing, and Lohr itself was an interesting place to visit.


Scroll through the video to get to the following:

00:00:00 BADEN-WUERTTEMBERG: Departure from the Hockenheimring
00:02:43 Hockenheim
00:06:14 Stopping for petrol
00:09:08 B36
00:10:45 Autobahn A6
00:21:30 HESSEN
00:23:37 Autobahn A67
00:29:42 Just a quick stop at the services
00:45:15 Autobahn A5
00:58:36 Autobahn A3
01:20:20 BAYERN
01:35:46 Leaving the Autobahn
01:42:20 B26
01:49:50 Rechtenbach
01:56:30 Lohr am Main
01:59:26 Arrival at Lohr Parkplatz (Altstadt) – and trying to find a parking space