Another video which partly includes Bavaria’s fantastic B roads. Driving through the rush-hour along the A3 from Lohr a.Main, past Frankfurt and its Airport, to Weisbaden the State Capital of Hessen.


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00:00:00 BAVARIA: Departure from Lohr
00:03:35 B26
00:11:04 Rechtenbach
00:26:27 Autobahn A3
00:40:00 HESSEN
01:00:57 Passing close to Frankfurt Airport
01:09:03 It was all going so well until I wanted to get off the A3 – there was a traffic jam!
01:12:44 Autobahn A66
01:19:13 B455
01:20:55 Oh no – Another traffic jam!
01:26:24 Wiesbaden
01:26:59 Entering the Umweltzone
01:28:16 Arrival at Hotel zum Schnackel