Another Holiday Booked…

If money was no object, I would probably spend my time travelling (as well as listening to the radio of course).

We can forget the January blues, because I’ve just booked my next weekend away.

At the end of February I will be going on my next trip to Germany: this time to Freiburg, in the Black Forest region of Baden-Württemberg.

I’m quite looking forward to it particualarly as it will be quite different to the two city-breaks I’ve had in Munich and Berlin.

Freiburg is not a major city. In fact I’d probably describe it as a large town rather than a city! Whereas in Berlin and Munich I travelled around on the tube and packed lots in to my days, in Freiburg my mode of transport will be mainly bus and tram and I don’t think I will be quite so busy.

I’ve gone for a slightly different style of accommodation this time to. Forget a city centre hotel. For €40 cheaper than a hotel room in Berlin I’ve got an entire 1-bedroom self-catering holiday cottage to myself on the Southern edge of Freiburg.

I’m going at the end of February so it will be cold – but the prices cheap enough to make it affordable for me – and there’ll be still a fair few things for me to see and do.

Freiburg 2016: The countdown has begun…


Fred Hart

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