An Afternoon in Hamburg

I woke up early this morning – it was still dark when I went downstairs for breakfast. After breakfast I returned to my room and started to pack my things for the journey home.

I checked out of my room shortly before 10 and took the tram down to the Hauptbahnhof (Central Station) of Schwerin. I found a locker in which I could leave my suitcase, and went in to town – a couple of last minute purchases I needed to make.

I took the 11:18 ICE (Inter-City Express) train to Hamburg, which took just short of 1 hour – so I was in Hamburg just in time for lunch. Once again, I found a locker so I could store my suitcase, and went for a walk. I walked down Hamburg’s famous Mönckebergstrasse, the big shopping street in the city. From the station it leads down towards the Rathaus – passing many Christmas Market stalls on the way.

I stopped for lunch in a bakery – the smell of the fresh bread rolls helped me decide what I would have! After lunch I continued browsing the Christmas Market, and then from one of the food stands I had a crêpe filled with chocolate.

I then slowly (the weight of the food I’d eaten somewhat slowed me down) walked back in the direction of Hamburg Hauptbahnhof to the locker where I’d left my luggage, retrieved my case, and went to wait for the train to the Airport.

As I write, I am sitting at the Airport (Gate C03) waiting for boarding to start. My flight has now landed, and the aircraft is parked up just a short distance from where I am sitting.

As soon as I return to Britain, my thoughts will turn to planning my next German trip: which will be down to the Rheinland – and I will be driving. The visit is set to include in its itinerary: Hamme (Belgium), Boppard, Mainz, Speyer, Trier, Aachen and Ypres (Belgium). It will more than double the milage of my previous European road trip to Belgium!

Now…I’m getting hungry. Time to find a quick snack before I fly.

Guten Abend.


Fred Hart

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