Hamburg and the Journey Home

Heute Morgen nach dem Frühstück war es Zeit Itzehoe zu verlassen. Wir fuhren mit dem Minibus nach Hamburg. Ich bin am Abend zurück nach England geflogen.

I left Itzehoe shortly after breakfast. With my luggage (if you can call it that – I was travelling light) safely in the back of the minibus, and my flight not until the evening, there was time for one last day trip. We drove in to the centre of Hamburg and parked a short walk from the Elbphilarmonie.

The Elbphilarmonie of Hamburg is the concert hall opened only earlier this year, named after the Elbe river which is is built next to. We went up inside it on the escalator and enjoyed the views all over the city from the top.

We walked around to find somewhere to eat and quickly found an Austrian restaurant; I flew the flag for Bavaria with a plate of Weißwürste and a pretzel – surprisingly filling!

Before too long it was time to wave goodbye to those who were not coming to the Airport – they went off to the Christmas Market and then to get the train back to Itzehoe – while the 3 of us who were flying got in the minibus and were driven to Hamburg Airport, which only took about 20-30 minutes from the City Centre.

Back to work tomorrow – but it’s only 10 or so days before I drive out to Belgium – and I’m hoping to be back in Itzehoe in May (possibly with the car: The Airport is a hassle)!

Gute Nacht,


Fred Hart

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